My boss at work is not a car guy AT ALL and is in the process of buying a family vehicle for his wife to take the kids around in. It's ridiculous that he of all people knows more about the vehicles than the salesmen, and I've heard stories of them just staring at him blankly or not knowing the most basic things for… » 10/30/14 3:07pm Yesterday 3:07pm

Too much going on...and I'm not a fan of that 4 stack exhaust either. It's just not right, they need to be offset onto the sides in pairs of two. Sometimes I see it and its like a horrible optical illusion with my brain thinking there are 5 pipes for a second. » 10/30/14 12:58pm Yesterday 12:58pm

Tiny Desk is a fucking awesome series. And I'm super glad they brought this guy on. Sheds so much light on him as a person and his music - and helps remove the bullshit public perception that all hip-hop stars are just drugged up no talent hacks (and I'm saying this being the farthest thing from being a current day… » 10/30/14 12:23pm Yesterday 12:23pm

Wow, that's quite the situation the guy is in. I definitely don't think it's racism - if he were racist he probably wouldn't have adopted a baby of a different race than him, lovingly cared for him his whole life, and even tried to assimilate him into what he thought was the kid's culture. It's just ignorance. » 10/29/14 3:06pm Wednesday 3:06pm

Twitter, a few years down the road when these people are still poor and homeless- "Pfft, we taught you to code - but you're STILL homeless and unemployed? Why couldn't you build a revolutionary app and get VC funding? You're just not disruptive enough - you don't have good ideas. You're not like Jack Dorsey. Look at… » 10/24/14 4:35pm 10/24/14 4:35pm

I hate wishing ill on people i don't know, but watching this entire video I kept wishing "I hope he crashes, I hope he crashes!" - at least a little off and some paint scratches to turn his ego down a notch - but of course he had to crash in a way that damaged someone else's property and HE was able to just casually… » 10/16/14 2:11pm 10/16/14 2:11pm