I’m not quite sure I get your point. The bottom line, is that as a society we need to come to an understanding of what the (primary) function of urban real estate (specifically, housing in this case) is. Are areas/buildings zoned for housing to actually be used to house people that presumably work and want to live in… » 4/22/15 7:49pm Wednesday 7:49pm

At my previous apartment complex (in snooty Palo Alto, CA) I parked one of my cars on the street outside the building quite regularly. Sometimes I’d end up driving my beater and left the other car on the street for maybe 2-3 days straight - I’d never had an issue with this for years. » 4/21/15 8:14pm 4/21/15 8:14pm

Great stuff, can relate! Working in tech (on the finance side though) in the SF Bay Area as well - getting progressively less outdoor time lately though. Hopefully that's more a result of being busy planning a wedding than anything else and will resume getting out and dirty more afterwards. » 4/14/15 8:18pm 4/14/15 8:18pm

Here's an idea along the same lines - an app that lets you charge your phone at any one of its exclusive network of charging stations (i.e. dudes working at McDonalds, 7-11s, gas stations, coffee shops across the country with a charger plugged in to the wall) where you can walk in and charge your phone, anytime you… » 4/09/15 11:51am 4/09/15 11:51am